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Welcome back to Porthgarrion, a place where love’s tumultuous winds never cease to blow. In this gripping tale, Ember Penrose grapples with the lingering wounds of her sister’s betrayal four years ago, when Teagan succumbed to her desires with the irresistible farmer, Adrian. Ember’s heartache festers, but Adrian has long buried his hopes for a romance with her. Their worlds collide unexpectedly one stormy night, leaving them with a passionate encounter that neither can forget. However, as dawn breaks, the harsh light of reality casts a shadow over their shared moment. Can they navigate the stormy aftermath and unearth the hidden truths of their pasts?

Find out in this compelling 285-page Kindle Edition, available since September 1, 2023, where emotions run high and love remains unpredictable in the picturesque town of Porthgarrion.

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