Ruthless Hearts by Kristen Luciani, a Dark Italian Mafia Romance Series eBook free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

The “Ruthless Hearts Kristen Luciani ePUB” series is a captivating collection of dark mafia novels that delve into the dangerous and seductive world of the Salesi crime family. Comprising five standalone novels along with a bonus novella, the series follows the ruthless Salesi family and the web of desire, power, and vengeance that entangles them.

In “Screwing the Mob,” forbidden passion ignites a deadly conflict when a man steals the heart of the mafia princess, placing them both in peril.

“Ruling the Mob” explores the toxic nature of power as an enemy resurfaces, threatening everything the protagonist holds dear, and leading to a thrilling showdown.

“Betraying the Mob” follows a fiercely independent figure who must confront the consequences of their actions and protect their loved ones from vengeful enemies.

In “Slaying the Mob,” a life of calculated risk-taking collides with a love worth protecting, while “Crushing the Mob” presents a high-stakes mission to safeguard a woman that spirals into unexpected emotions. The bonus novella, “Fatal Lies,” delves into a deadly game of forbidden lust and the inescapable grasp of a dangerous existence.

Throughout the series, the Salesi family navigates a treacherous landscape where loyalty, betrayal, and passion blur the lines between right and wrong, creating an enthralling narrative of suspense and romance.

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