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In “Stalked By Santa ePUB,” the story unfolds with a hauntingly obsessive tone. The protagonist has an uncanny ability to know every detail of Maddie’s life, from her sleep patterns to her innermost desires. What started as an obsession fueled by the naughty letters she sent to the North Pole has evolved into a deep and possessive love. For years, the protagonist has been a silent watcher, protector, and, some might say, a stalker of Maddie, whom they consider their angel, obsession, and addiction. This novella delves into themes of obsession and desire, set within the context of a holiday romance that’s as erotic as it is paranormal. As Christmas approaches, the protagonist’s singular wish becomes clear – to claim Maddie’s virginity.

This novella blends genres like holiday romance, erotica, paranormal fantasy, and contemporary, all within its 73 captivating pages, leaving readers both enchanted and intrigued.

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