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“Black River Orchard ePUB” by Chuck Wendig is a chilling tale of transformation and obsession set in the autumnal town of Harrow. In this haunting masterpiece of horror, the town undergoes a sinister change when a peculiar orchard, bearing extraordinary, almost black-skinned apples, reveals its dark magic. As the townsfolk indulge in the irresistible fruit, their desires and obsessions intensify, leading to a twisted euphoria that threatens to engulf them all. With a bloody history intertwined with the orchard’s secrets, and a mysterious stranger arriving during harvest time, Wendig weaves a gripping narrative that blurs the lines between horror, fantasy, and the paranormal.

This 544-page hardcover promises a gripping and eerie journey into a town gripped by a malevolent enchantment, where the harvest reaps more than just apples.

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