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“Congratulations, the Best is Over!” by R. Eric Thomas is a heartwarming and hilarious book that explores the journey of seeking belonging and reconnecting with one’s roots. In this collection of essays, Thomas reflects on his experiences navigating the chaos of political news, awkward social interactions, and his own evolving identity. As he embraces the idea of living his ‘best-ish’ life, he takes readers on an entertaining ride through unexpected adventures, including returning to his enigmatic hometown of Baltimore. With wit and candor, he recounts moments like a bewildering high school reunion and grappling with changes both in himself and in the place he once called home.

Through the ups and downs, Thomas offers a reminder that even when life veers off course, the path back to where we belong is always within reach.

Book NameCongratulations, the Best is Over!
AuthorR. Eric Thomas
First Released Date August 8, 2023
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, Free Kindle

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