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“Delicate Condition ePUB” by Danielle Valentine is a gripping thriller that draws readers into a suspenseful narrative reminiscent of “The Push” and “The Silent Patient.” The story follows Anna Alcott, a woman determined to become pregnant, as she navigates an arduous IVF journey while growing increasingly convinced that a malevolent force is conspiring to prevent her pregnancy. As crucial medications vanish, appointments are manipulated, and even her husband doubts her claims, Anna’s reality becomes a labyrinth of doubt and fear. Fleeing to the Hamptons to escape cryptic threats, Anna’s situation worsens when her doctor diagnoses a miscarriage, despite her unshakable conviction that she remains pregnant.

As her condition deteriorates and danger looms, the novel masterfully explores the line between psychological distress and actual peril, leaving readers to ponder the truth of Anna’s claims and the sinister mysteries lurking within her pregnancy.

Book NameDelicate Condition
AuthorDanielle Valentine
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, Free Kindle

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