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“Hide Your Children ePUB” by Liz Wheeler is a compelling nonfiction book that delves into the alarming infiltration of leftist ideologies into our society’s most critical institution: our schools. In this incisive work, Wheeler unveils the pervasive influence of wokeness and its dangerous consequences for the younger generation. From Planned Parenthood’s funding of gender theory indoctrination to the presence of groomer teachers exposing children to pornography, Wheeler exposes the disturbing truth. She highlights Disney’s promotion of a “queerness agenda” and teacher’s unions propagating racism in young minds, all while conservatives find themselves increasingly on the defensive in the ongoing culture wars.

Wheeler argues that parents must rise to the occasion, fight back, and protect the American experiment in ordered liberty, as the fate of our nation hinges on whether the next generation will inherit these troubling ideologies or reject them.

With a passionate call to action and an emphasis on the power of truth, “Hide Your Children” is a vital resource for those determined to make a difference.

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