Long Past Dues (The Unorthodox Chronicles, #2) by James J. Butcher eBook free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

“Long Past Dues ePUB” by James J. Butcher is a thrilling urban fantasy novel that introduces readers to Grimshaw Griswald Grimsby, a newly appointed Auditor in Boston’s Department of Unorthodox Affairs. Despite his aspirations for glamour and excitement, Grimsby finds himself trapped in the monotony of handling mundane magical problems. Frustrated and seeking a taste of adventure, he seizes a case file intended for a friend. Teaming up with Leslie Mayflower, a temporarily unretired Huntsman, they embark on a dangerous journey to unravel the mystery of an unfinished ritual that echoes a past adversary’s work. Their quest takes them through werewolves, cursed artifacts, and into the enigmatic subterranean city beneath Boston, all while racing against time to prevent the ritual’s completion.

“Long Past Dues” promises an enthralling blend of magic, mystery, and peril, as Grimsby must do whatever it takes to stop the ritual, even if it means risking the lives of his friends.

This urban fantasy novel is sure to captivate readers with its fast-paced narrative and intriguing magical world.

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