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In “There’s No Coming Back from This ePUB,” a captivating novel by the USA Today bestselling author of “I Thought You Said This Would Work,” the phrase takes on a fresh resonance for a resilient single mom, Poppy Lively.

Struggling to cope after her savings vanish due to her accountant’s betrayal, Poppy faces impending financial ruin and the threat of losing her home. Unexpectedly, an old flame, now a prominent producer, offers her a chance to work in costumes on a Hollywood film set.

Determined to reverse her fortunes, Poppy embarks on a journey to Los Angeles, concealing her plans from her daughter. As an outsider to the glitzy world of cinema, she grapples with iconic costumes, star-studded antics, and backstage secrets. Amidst the chaos, she forms an unlikely connection with Allen Carol, a moody movie star intrigued by her authenticity. When Poppy uncovers corruption within the industry, her underestimated status becomes an advantage as she delves into the mystery’s core, leading to a revelation that shatters her trust in humanity. What initially seemed a path to secure her daughter’s future evolves into a spotlight illuminating her mismatch with Tinseltown’s glamour.

Faced with a pivotal choice, Poppy must either remain silent as she always has or, with the assistance of an unassuming dog, prove to the film industry that her unpretentious approach is indispensable, regardless of the superstars’ approval.

Book NameThere’s No Coming Back from This
AuthorAnn Garvin
GenresWomen Fiction, Romance
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, Free Kindle

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