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“To Die For Lisa Gray ePUB” is a gripping novel that delves into the ruthless world of luxury real estate where agents will stop at nothing to secure the ultimate house-selling commission: one million dollars. Protagonist Andi Hart, no stranger to the cutthroat nature of the industry, seizes the opportunity to redefine the rules when her boss presents a challenge to find a buyer for a glamorous Malibu beach house with the tantalizing promise of a million-dollar commission. However, Andi soon realizes she’s not the only one in desperate need of that money, as her four colleagues harbor their own secrets. As the competition intensifies, a shocking discovery at an open house turns the dream home into a gruesome crime scene, raising questions about whether this contest has escalated to deadly proportions or if a more sinister force is at play.

Lisa Gray’s novel, spanning 329 pages, promises a thrilling and suspenseful tale set in the high-stakes world of luxury real estate, with its expected publication date set for September 12, 2023.

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