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“Trust No One ePUB” by Keri Beevis is a gripping psychological thriller that starts with an ominous note and takes readers on a chilling journey into a dark past. When the protagonist discovers a threatening message, she initially dismisses it as a prank. However, as a series of terrifying events unfold, including witnessing a gruesome murder, she realizes the danger is very real. With her boyfriend Noah Keen leading the charge, they unravel a web of secrets tied to a tragic incident from their teenage years. As they are joined by familiar faces from their past, all recipients of similar ominous notes, the group must confront the truth of what happened that fateful night in Norfolk. Beevis weaves an atmospheric and suspenseful narrative that keeps readers on edge until the final page.

If you enjoy the works of authors like Clare Mackintosh, Cara Hunter, and Paula Hawkins, “Trust No One” is a must-read. Keri Beevis has crafted a dark and clever thriller that will leave you questioning who to trust and what really happened all those years ago.

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