Released on July 14, 2023, A Quiet Life in Seabury by Beth Rain EBook free download & read online in ePUB/PDF formats. This contemporary women fiction is the tenth installment of “Seabury” series.

“A Quiet Life in Seabury ePUB” invites readers to the charming and secluded town of Seabury, a place where familiarity is a way of life and tourists remain oblivious to its existence. After years away, Lizzie Moore returns, her children now independent, seeking a tranquil life in her hometown. However, life’s twists thwart her plans, echoing the unpredictability of existence. Part 1 of Lizzie’s tale and the tenth installment in the Seabury series, this heartwarming novel is a delightful summer read, tailor-made for sunny vacations.

Ideal for enthusiasts of authors like Holly Martin, Polly Babbington, and Heidi Swain, the book promises to immerse readers in a world of small-town comfort, personal journeys, and unexpected turns.

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