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“A Year of Watercolour ePUB” by Harriet de Winton is an upcoming book that promises an enchanting journey through the changing seasons with more than 30 captivating watercolor projects.

Renowned author and artist Harriet de Winton invites readers to explore the wonders of nature as it transitions through spring, summer, autumn, and winter. From the emergence of seasonal plants to the hibernation and migration of animals, the book offers step-by-step guidance on painting scenes inspired by the natural world. Readers will learn to capture the delicate beauty of speckled eggs in a bird’s nest, the charm of home-grown vegetables, and a diverse range of other subjects. Harriet’s artistic exploration of seasonality spans the globe, encompassing everything from cherry blossoms heralding spring in Japan to the rich hues of autumn leaves in New England and the sweet bounty of summer strawberries in the UK.

In addition to the seasonal tutorials, the book provides valuable insights on observing and depicting nature up close, offering tips on creating a travel kit for outdoor ‘painting walks’ and tracking the growth of a plant over the course of a single season.

With 144 pages of inspiration and practical guidance, “A Year of Watercolour” is set to be a delightful resource for aspiring and experienced watercolor enthusiasts alike.

Anticipated for release on October 10, 2023, this paperback promises to be a beautiful celebration of the natural world’s ever-changing beauty through the medium of watercolors.

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