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“A Study in Drowning ePUB” by Ava Reid is a captivating tale that weaves together the enchanting world of fairy tales with the mysteries of a crumbling estate. Effy Sayre, haunted by visions of the Fairy King since childhood, clings to the solace of Emrys Myrddin’s epic novel, “Angharad,” where a mortal girl’s love destroys the Fairy King. With Myrddin’s family announcing a contest to design the late author’s house, Effy believes it’s her destiny, but Hiraeth Manor proves an impossible task on the brink of being devoured by the sea. Joined by literature scholar Preston Héloury, who seeks to prove Myrddin a fraud, they delve into the reclusive author’s legacy, unearthing dark forces, both magical and mortal, conspiring against them.

This 384-page novel, set for publication on September 19, 2023, promises an enthralling journey of mystery, magic, and truth.

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