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“Holly Black’s ‘Book of Night ePUB’ is a modern dark fantasy that immerses readers in a world of betrayals, secret societies, and shadows. The story follows Charlie Hall, a skilled thief known for picking locks and stealing books, who finds herself entangled in the dangerous realm of gloamists, magicians who manipulate shadows for nefarious purposes. Tasked with robbing her fellow magicians, Charlie navigates a treacherous underground world of grimoires and deceit. Struggling to distance herself from her tumultuous past, she bartends in the murky Berkshires while contending with her sister’s desperation for magic and the enigmatic Vince, her shadowless and potentially soulless boyfriend. As her past returns to haunt her, Charlie becomes embroiled in a whirlwind of deception and murder. With doppelgangers, wealthy power-seekers, and those she loves all vying for a powerful secret, Charlie fights to survive against insurmountable odds.

‘Book of Night’ weaves a gripping tale of survival and intrigue in a world where shadows hold the key to both magic and peril.

Book NameBook of Night
AuthorHolly Black
First Released DateMay 3, 2022
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, Free Kindle

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