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“Happiness Falls” is an extraordinary novel that delves into the lives of a biracial Korean-American family in Virginia, whose world is shattered when their cherished father and husband mysteriously disappears. Told from the perspective of Mia, the sharp-witted twenty-year-old daughter, the story unfolds as she navigates the initial lack of concern over her father and younger brother’s absence. However, when her brother returns alone and unable to communicate due to a genetic condition, the family is thrust into a race against time to find the missing father. As the investigation unfolds, the novel reveals the intricate dynamics and hidden secrets within the family, touching on themes of love, race, language, and human connection.

Written by the acclaimed author of “Miracle Creek,” Angie Kim, “Happiness Falls ePUB” is not only a riveting mystery but also a poignant exploration of a family’s resilience in the face of crisis, showcasing the lengths they must go to in order to truly comprehend each other.

Book NameHappiness Falls
AuthorAngie Kim
GenresMystery, Fiction
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, Free Kindle

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