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“The Leftover Woman ePUB” by Jean Kwok is a gripping family drama and mystery that delves into the powerful, often conflicting forces of motherhood. The story follows Jasmine Yang, who escapes her oppressive marriage and embarks on a desperate quest to find her daughter, taken from her due to China’s One Child Policy. With her husband in pursuit, time is running out, forcing Jasmine to make increasingly risky choices. In contrast, Rebecca Whitney, a successful publishing executive, appears to have an ideal life, but when scandal threatens her career and marriage, her world unravels, and her role as a mother is questioned.

These two women, from vastly different backgrounds, find themselves on an unexpected collision course in a divided city. Kwok weaves a suspenseful and poignant narrative that explores themes of identity, motherhood, and belonging, ultimately connecting them through their profound emotional bond with a child.

This upcoming mystery thriller promises a thought-provoking exploration of complex human relationships and the lengths to which one will go to protect their loved ones.

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