In the gripping Mafia Queens series, “Hers to Rule” by C.A. Krause in ePUB/PDF formats, vengeance and desire collide, putting family loyalties to the test. Gianna Bruno, the heiress of her father’s empire, is determined to assert her leadership and avenge her father’s brutal murder.

In “Hers to Rule ePUB” eBook, As Gianna sets out on her path of retribution, her first target is Mikhail, the ruthless enforcer of the Russian mob’s head. Their families are bitter rivals, and the violence between them is unyielding. But as Gianna delves deeper into her quest, she discovers dark desires in Mikhail that mirror her own. Their intense attraction tempts her, but she knows she cannot afford any distractions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gianna Bruno, determined to avenge her father’s murder and lead the family empire.
  • Mikhail, the cruel enforcer of the rival Russian mob family, caught in the midst of Gianna’s quest.
  • A dangerous and intense attraction forms between Gianna and Mikhail, blurring their focus.

“Hers to Rule” takes readers on an enthralling journey of revenge, power, and desire. As Gianna navigates the treacherous world of the mafia, her resolve is tested by the unexpected connection with Mikhail.

Will she stay true to her mission, or will her desires lead her down a different path? Get ready to immerse yourself in this thrilling tale of love and vengeance.

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