I Feed Her to the Beast and the Beast Is Me by Jamison Shea eBook free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

“I Feed Her to the Beast and the Beast Is Me ePUB” by Jamison Shea is a gripping novel that intertwines elements of Ace of Spades and House of Hollow, crafting a mesmerizing villain origin tale.

The story follows Laure Mesny, an aspiring Black ballet dancer determined to prove her worth in the cutthroat world of Parisian ballet. In her quest for recognition, Laure strikes a fateful bargain deep within the Catacombs, granting her a potent primal power fueled by blood. As her influence and ambitions rise, she leaves a trail of destruction behind her. However, she discovers she’s not the only monster lurking, and her ruthless desires make her a target. Caught between validation and darkness, Laure faces a pivotal choice amidst a mystifying underworld.

Set against a backdrop of exclusion and institutional profit, this slow-burn horror exposes the toll of striving for acceptance in an unyielding world.

Book NameI Feed Her to the Beast and the Beast Is Me
AuthorJamison Shea
First Relesed DateAugust 29, 2023
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, Free Kindle

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