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“Shark Heart Emily Habeck ePUB” is a mesmerizing debut novel that delves into the intricate threads of marriage, motherhood, transformation, and release.

The intergenerational tale revolves around Wren and Lewis, newlyweds whose love story takes an extraordinary turn when Lewis, over the span of nine months, undergoes a rare metamorphosis into a great white shark. Amidst Lewis’s gradual transformation, his artistic aspirations clash with his impending predator nature, while Wren navigates her own complex journey through memories of her past relationships and her mother’s tumultuous history. As Wren grapples with her husband’s irreversible fate, the novel explores the fragility of memories, the resilience found in joy amidst grief, and the profound choices that shape lives.

With lyrical prose and a unique blend of humor and heart, “Shark Heart” weaves a poignant narrative that confronts life’s profound mysteries, solidifying itself as an exceptional and unforgettable work from a promising new literary voice.

Book NameShark Heart
AuthorEmily Habeck
GenresFiction, Science Fiction, Magical Realism
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, Free Kindle

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