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In this riveting psychological thriller penned by the New York Times bestselling author of Something in the Water, a captivating narrative unfolds around a wealthy and enigmatic family, the Holbecks, and their age-old, lethal tradition.

The story revolves around Harry and Edward, an enamored couple whose happiness is disrupted by the reentry of Edward’s affluent and influential family, from whom he had distanced himself. As Edward’s inheritance looms and the Holbecks’ intricate web tightens, Harry finds herself seduced by their opulence. However, her encounter with Robert, the enigmatic family patriarch, sets off a chain of events when he hands her a revealing cassette tape. Through a tense exploration of power, intrigue, and survival, the protagonist embarks on a quest to unravel the truth, all while being immersed in the Holbecks’ chilling Christmas customs.

With danger lurking and the stakes escalating, the novel delves into the lengths one woman will go to become part of the elite, exploring the thin line between joining the privileged 1% and facing the deadly consequences of a family’s sinister game.

Book NameThe Family Game
AuthorCatherine Steadman
GenresThriller, Mystery
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, Free Kindle

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