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In the shadow of a tragic past, Emery Blackwood resides in solitude on the enchanting Saoirse Island, where she runs the family’s tea shop and guards her heart. The island’s mystical aura takes a sinister turn as nature itself transforms, and when long-lost love August Salt returns after years of exile, buried secrets resurface. Accused of murder and rejected by the community, August confronts not only his own haunting history but also the tempest of emotions with Emery. As layers of deception unravel, the island’s history of treachery and long-held secrets come to light, threatening to uncover the truth behind a haunting death.

In this tale woven with folklore, magic, and betrayal, Emery and August must navigate a labyrinth of emotions and mysteries to find redemption and closure.

Book NameSpells for Forgetting
AuthorAdrienne Young
GenresFantasy, Mystery, Romance
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, Free Kindle

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