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In Charlie N. Holmberg’s captivating novel, a young woman named Lark possesses a unique and cursed ability to inflict fear upon others. Fleeing an abusive past, Lark’s desperate search for safety leads her to the city of trolls, sworn enemies of humanity. Valued for her fear-inducing power, she becomes an essential asset in protecting the troll city, suspended over a dark abyss. As Lark navigates her newfound role, she must navigate a treacherous balance: using her power against a troll means death. Amidst this challenge, she forms unexpected alliances, discovers love, and confronts the potent force of fear itself.

This gripping fairy-tale adventure explores themes of loyalty, trust, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of extraordinary circumstances.

Book NameThe Hanging City
AuthorCharlie N. Holmberg
GenresFantasy Romance, Science Fiction
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, Free Kindle

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