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The book “Unsouled pdf” marks the captivating beginning of the Cradle series, a 12-book epic. It introduces us to Lindon, born as an Unsouled in a family of magical practitioners, rendering him incapable of using the revered Paths of sacred arts. Despite his limitations, Lindon tenaciously employs borrowed and stolen techniques to enhance his life. But a turning point arises when he gains insight into the future as celestial forces unveil their presence. As Lindon becomes the sole harbinger of an impending catastrophe, he embarks on a journey beyond his homeland to not only rescue it but also to forge his own unique Path, discovering his true potential and pushing the boundaries of his abilities. This tale of self-discovery, magic, and impending doom unfolds across the series, culminating in “Waybound.”

Book NameUnsouled (Cradle Book 1)
AuthorWill Wight
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, eBook

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