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In the gripping novel “What Never Happened ePUB” by Rachel Howzell Hall, Colette “Coco” Weber seeks solace on Catalina Island, her former refuge and the site of a harrowing past in which she was the lone survivor of a brutal home invasion two decades prior. Longing for a fresh start away from her ex, Coco’s aspiration to reconnect with her aunt Gwen and immerse herself in her craft of writing obituaries is granted when her friend Maddy, who runs the local paper, offers her a job that involves chronicling the deaths of the island’s elderly population. However, the seemingly ordinary deaths soon take an ominous turn, with Coco uncovering unsettling similarities between them that defy natural causes. Matters escalate when Coco receives a chilling threat in the form of her own obituary. As Coco delves deeper into the puzzle, she realizes a disturbing connection between a serial killer’s spree and her own family’s tragedy. Fearing that the secrets lurking on Catalina Island might prove fatal, Coco races against time to unveil the truth, all while a relentless watcher seems determined to silence her past for good.

“What Never Happened” is a heart-pounding thriller that weaves together a tale of suspense, personal history, and unrelenting pursuit, keeping readers on the edge until the final revelation.

Book NameWhat Never Happened
AuthorRachel Howzell Hall
GenresThriller, Mystery, Mystery Thriller,
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, Free Kindle

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