“Neetu Singh Volume 1 PDF” is a valuable resource for competitive examination aspirants, offering comprehensive coverage of English language skills required for exams such as SSC, Banking, Railway, and more.

Neetu Singh Volume 1 English PDF – Plinth to Paramount

This book, known as “Plinth to Paramount,” comprises 24 chapters, each meticulously addressing specific topics with detailed illustrations to facilitate easy comprehension.

At the end of each chapter, numerous practice questions, including previous year exam questions, are provided, along with detailed solutions to aid students in mastering question-solving techniques. One of its notable features is its availability in both Hindi and English, allowing aspirants to choose their preferred language.

Whether you’re a student or a job seeker preparing for various competitive exams, “Neetu Singh Volume 1 PDF” is an essential tool to enhance your English proficiency and boost your chances of success in exams like SSC CGL, CPO, CHSL, Banking, CAT, and more.

You can obtain this resource either through a free download link or by purchasing it online or from local markets.

Table of Contents – Neetu Singh Volume 1 PDF

1. Verb (Basic)13. Article
2. Tense14. Preposition
3. Passive voice15. Adverb
4. Narration16. Words Often Confused & Misused
5. Question tag17. Vocabularies
6. Subject verb agreement18. Synonyms (Practice Set)
7. Conditional sentence19. Antonyms (Practice Set)
8. Verb (advance)20. One Word Substitution
9. Noun21. One Word Substitution (Practice Set)
10. Pronoun22. Idioms & Phrases- 1
11. Adjective23. Idioms & Phrases- 2
12. Conjunction24. Idioms & Phrases (Practice Set)

About Neetu Singh Volume 1 Book PDF

Book NameAuthor NameFormatSizePagesLanguagePublication
Neetu Singh English Book PDF Volume 1Neetu SinghPDFMB443EnglishKD Publication

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