Have you ever imagined yourself thrust into a world of Greek gods and goddesses, fighting for survival amidst their magical powers? In ePUB/PDF fromat of “All the Gold Between Us” (Claiming Olympus #1) by Jade Le Bris, Kalani Mayfield’s life takes a treacherous turn when she is mistakenly abducted and forced into a deadly Tournament. Join Kalani on a thrilling journey of courage, trust, and self-discovery.

Book Overview:
Kalani Mayfield’s ordinary college life takes an extraordinary twist when she’s abducted and thrown into a perilous competition with the powerful Coppers – descendants of Greek gods and goddesses. In a bid to win her freedom and return to her world, Kalani must face deadly challenges and formidable foes. With no magical powers of her own, she must go beyond her limits and learn to rely on others to survive.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kalani Mayfield’s life takes a dangerous turn when she’s mistakenly abducted by the Coppers, descendants of Greek gods and goddesses.
  • To secure her freedom and return home, Kalani must navigate a lethal Tournament filled with magical challenges.
  • Without any powers, Kalani must push herself to the edge and trust her newfound companions to survive.

“All the Gold Between Us” takes readers on a captivating journey into a world of mythical proportions. Kalani Mayfield’s courage and determination will inspire you as she fights for her life among gods and goddesses.

Join her on this thrilling adventure of self-discovery and learn the true value of trust and teamwork. This gripping tale is sure to leave you eager for the next chapter in the “Claiming Olympus” series. Discover the magic and danger that await within the pages of this enthralling eBook.

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