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In Hideaway Heart ePUB – Pixie Hart, the renowned country music sensation, yearned for a peaceful respite from the limelight and a chance to embrace her true identity as Kelly Jo Sullivan.

Her wish was to enjoy a quiet, solitary two-week break. Unfortunately, her family’s concerns about paparazzi led to an unforeseen situation. She found herself compelled to have a bodyguard accompany her everywhere, and the only available lodging was a tiny cabin. To her dismay, she had to share the cabin, and its lone bed, with a tall, dark, and bearded former Navy SEAL named Xander Buckley.

Despite Xander’s impressive background and undeniable attractiveness, he displayed a bossy and overbearing nature, being overly protective of Pixie. His overzealous guarding even extended to her social media posts and daily activities, such as morning jogs.

While initially at odds, their relationship took an unexpected turn, and they found themselves drawn to one another. Surprisingly, they complemented each other well, with Pixie appreciating her need for freedom, and Xander understanding his need for control.

However, Pixie struggled with emotional trust, and the two had divergent life paths. While she felt secure entrusting her life to Xander, she was hesitant to open her heart fully to him.

Amidst the serene vacation setting, Pixie and Xander’s evolving connection took them on an unforeseen journey of mutual understanding and unexpected romance. As Pixie navigated her feelings, she grappled with whether she could truly give him her heart.

Book NameHideaway Heart (Cherry Tree Harbor #2)
AuthorMelanie Harlow
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, eBook

315 pages, Kindle Edition

Expected publication: August 7, 2023

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