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Larkin is tired of her friends’ constant attempts to play Cupid. Just because they are all happily in relationships doesn’t mean she needs to be as well. And she certainly doesn’t appreciate the over-protective men in her life vetting potential partners for her. In an effort to get them to back off, she decides to turn to someone she knows they would never approve of – Teague Sullivan.

Teague is explicitly sexy and undeniably an alpha male, a mysterious hellhorse who seems like the perfect candidate for a fake relationship. Surprisingly, Teague agrees to spend time with Larkin as part of their ruse.

However, as they spend more time together and a wager is made, their chemistry becomes explosive and impossible to ignore – not only for Larkin but also for her demon.

As their relationship heats up, old and new dangers emerge, and Teague’s shady past raises concerns. Now, he must make a decision – whether to trust Larkin completely or risk losing her forever.

Readers have praised Suzanne Wright’s work, describing the chemistry between the characters as sizzling and the romance as highly passionate. Her stories are unique, original, and extremely entertaining, making her books hard to put down.

Book NameHunted (The Dark in You Book 9)
AuthorSuzzane Wright
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, eBook

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