In ePUB/PDF & Read Online “Meet Me in the Penalty Box,” Harper finds solace in Orchid Beach after a painful breakup. As a new sports photographer for the Orchid City Vipers, she’s determined to leave her past behind.

One fateful night, she encounters Nico Cirone, the star rookie player for the Vipers, and their paths become intertwined. However, their budding connection faces a major obstacle – Nico’s position on the team makes him off-limits to Harper.

Key Highlights:

  • Harper moves to Orchid Beach to start anew after a tough breakup.
  • She lands a job as a sports photographer for the Orchid City Vipers.
  • One night, she meets Nico Cirone, the star rookie player, and they share a passionate encounter.
  • Nico, facing challenges in his rookie season, believes Harper is his good luck charm.
  • They form an arrangement – Harper helps Nico with his hockey skills, while he helps her forget her ex.
  • What seemed like a simple arrangement becomes complicated as their feelings deepen.

“Meet Me in the Penalty Box” weaves a captivating tale of forbidden love and unexpected connections. Harper and Nico’s journey will keep you hooked until the very end. Will they overcome the obstacles before them and find happiness together?

Dive into this electrifying Orchid City romance and discover the depths of passion and the complexities of the heart. Download the eBook or read it online now for a thrilling ride into the world of sports, love, and second chances.

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