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“Calm the Chaos” by Dayna Abraham offers a fail-proof roadmap for parents navigating the challenges of raising strong-willed, spirited, explosive, and highly sensitive children. Drawing from her expertise as the founder of the transformative Calm the Chaos methodology and the Lemon Lime Adventures blog, Dayna provides a methodical approach to parenting. The book presents five essential steps—Getting to Safety, Restoring Trust and Energy, Finding Calm in the Moment, Getting Ahead of the Moment, and Defining Family Success—that guide parents in creating a peaceful environment and connecting with their kids effectively. Grounded in both scientific insights and real-life experiences of numerous families, this revolutionary guide equips parents with stories, scripts, prompts, and worksheets to establish a supportive home and foster the well-being of their children.

Book NameCalm the Chaos
AuthorDayna Abraham
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, eBook

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