“Rogue Launch (The Renegades #1)” by Cara Dee in PDF & ePUB is an action-packed romantic suspense novel filled with enemies-to-lovers dynamics in an MM setting. The story revolves around Elliott Jones, a former private military contractor, who seeks a fresh start on his ranch with family and friends.

As Elliott’s life is thrown into chaos, he receives a chilling message promising to find his kidnapped niece, Blake. Fueled by agony, rage, and determination, Elliott embarks on a relentless mission to rescue her. To achieve this, he must join forces with Joel Hayward, Coast Guard sniper and his sister’s ex-husband, despite the deep regret and enmity between them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Elliott Jones, a former military contractor, seeks a fresh start but faces the repercussions of his past.
  • A rocket launcher attack shatters his peaceful life, leading to the kidnapping of his beloved niece, Blake.
  • Fueled by determination, Elliott teams up with his sister’s ex-husband, Joel, to rescue Blake despite their troubled history.

Join Elliott Jones on his action-packed journey as he faces enemies, confronts his regrets, and fights to save his kidnapped niece. This MM romantic suspense novel promises an enthralling ride filled with thrilling twists and an enemies-to-lovers dynamic that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

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