Satvic Food Book 2 by Subah Saraf eBook free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free. This book is a collection of Satvic Plant-Based recipes and lifestyle [nsights.

Discover a delightful compilation of more than 70 innovative plant-based Satvic recipes thoughtfully curated by the esteemed Satvic Movement Culinary Team.

These recipes encompass a wide array of dishes, including wholesome salads, nourishing soups, and celebratory delights like Dahi Vada, papdi chat, nachos, and pizzas.

Notably, all recipes strictly adhere to the principles of Satvic cooking by excluding refined oil, sugar, pungent spices, milk & milk products, and processed foods. Instead, they celebrate the natural flavors of ingredients sourced directly from nature.

The book goes beyond just recipes, offering an abundance of informative content. Alongside the scrumptious dishes, you’ll find:

  1. 9 concise Satvic Food Laws: These essential rules serve as a valuable guide while practicing Satvic cooking, ensuring that your culinary journey stays true to its purpose.
  2. Detailed Guide to Setup Your Satvic Kitchen: This section assists you in creating a Satvic-centric kitchen, providing shopping lists and enumerating the necessary equipment required to fully embrace the Satvic lifestyle.
  3. Updated Meal Plans: For individuals seeking to adopt the Satvic Lifestyle, the book provides well-crafted meal plans that help streamline your daily food choices and make the transition smoother.

Immerse yourself in Food Book 2’s captivating imagery that complements the delectable recipes, making the entire experience a visual delight.

From simple health knowledge to practical tips on embracing a Satvic way of life, this book promises to be a comprehensive resource for anyone seeking to enrich their culinary repertoire and embrace a wholesome, plant-based lifestyle.

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