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“Slaying the Shadow Prince pdf” is an enthralling epic fantasy romance tailored for fans of popular works like “A Court of Silver Flames,” “The Bridge Kingdom,” and “King of Battle & Blood.”

In a world teetering on the brink of destruction, dark forces ensnare innocents, subjecting them to fates worse than death. The tale follows the journey of Drue Emmerson, once a noblewoman but now a determined ranger seeking vengeance for her family’s slaughter by vicious shadow wraiths. Her sole purpose is to protect her fallen kingdom by eliminating every dark creature she encounters.

However, there’s a twist in the story with Talemir Starling, a renowned warrior with a perilous secret – he’s a half-wraith, connected to the very creatures wreaking havoc on the world. He struggles to keep his true nature in check, especially when confronted by the woman who has sworn to destroy him.

When someone dear to Drue vanishes, all signs point to Talemir’s kind. Despite this, he’s resolute in proving he’s not a monster and embarks on a quest for answers. Reluctantly, they form an unlikely alliance to unveil the deadly truth lurking in the shadows.

Their journey takes place amidst a chaotic and perilous world, where danger lurks at every turn. However, the greatest threat they face might be their intense attraction to one another – a force that could spell their ultimate downfall.

The story poses intriguing questions: Will Talemir be able to win Drue’s heart despite their adversarial past? Or will Drue succumb to her thirst for revenge and eliminate him before the final reckoning?

As part of the captivating fantasy romance series, “Mortal Enemies to Monster Lovers,” “Slaying the Shadow Prince” stands on its own as a thrilling installment. It promises a mix of fiery heroines and tormented heroes, an irresistible combination of forced proximity and found family dynamics, all intertwined with an undercurrent of “touch-her-and-you-die” vibes.

If you relish passionate romance, addictive plotlines, and a world woven with magic, this novel will captivate you from start to finish.

416 pages, Hardcover

First published July 20, 2023

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