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“Synodic Kristin Travis ePUB” takes readers on a captivating journey with Keira Copeland, a young woman who unwittingly embarks on perilous adventures each night as she astral projects to another world, drawing the attention of malevolent creatures. As the line between her dreams and reality blurs, a mysterious figure named Rowen emerges, straddling the realms of her consciousness. With evil forces closing in, Keira reluctantly accepts Rowen’s aid, uncovering profound secrets about her past and the dying realm of Luneth. Prophecies, dark spirits, and a world on the brink of destruction converge in this New Adult, Fantasy Romance. Keira’s mission becomes clear: she must awaken the lost light of Luneth to save her world. However, the true threat might not lie in the perils she faces but in the charismatic man who kindles her heart.

This page-turner promises a blend of slow-burn to spicy romance, a richly imagined portal fantasy world, and high-speed adventure, making it a must-read for fantasy enthusiasts.

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