Welcome to Monsters Hollow, a town where love defies all boundaries, even among its peculiar residents.

In “The Bogeyman and the Schoolteacher” by Chloe Archer in ePUB and PDF, meet Principal Emrys Bogey, who becomes infatuated with the new schoolteacher, Jayden Bell. However, as a bogeyman, Emrys knows his unconventional nature and intimidating appearance might be overwhelming for a human like Jayden.

Can he find a way to win Jayden’s heart without scaring him away? Perhaps there’s more to Jayden than meets the eye.

Get ready for a thrilling prequel that introduces a cozy M/M monster romance series by Chloe Archer. The sparks fly and the spice sizzles as love blossoms in unexpected places.

Download the ePUB/PDF formats or read this eBook online and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Monsters Hollow.

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