The Eye of The Bedlam Bride (Book 6 of 6: Dungeon Crawler Carl) by Matt Dinniman eBook free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser.

In the midst of chaos on the eighth floor, a group of adventurers known as crawlers faces a daunting mission. In a world reminiscent of Earth’s final days, where ethereal ghosts and legendary monsters roam, these crawlers must capture six of these fearsome creatures to turn them into powerful battle cards.

The floor’s management, still reeling from the events on the seventh level, assigns this critical task to the surviving team members.

Each legendary creature is tied to a specific geographical location, and the crawlers must find and subdue them to add their strength to their deck of cards. The goal is to prepare for a showdown with formidable adversaries who possess the most potent cards. The stakes are high, and assembling the most robust team is vital for survival.

However, there’s a dangerous twist. Capturing a monster doesn’t guarantee control over it. Among these creatures is Shi Maria, the most powerful monster in the crawlers’ vicinity.

She is no ordinary beast; she possesses intelligence and had once been married to a now-missing god. Her special attack can drive anyone insane, earning her the ominous title of the Bedlam Bride.

As the crawlers embark on their perilous mission, they must proceed with caution, for the Eye of the Bedlam Bride poses a significant threat that could alter the course of their quest.

The battle for supremacy in this pantheon of forgotten gods, fueled by an old grudge and a deteriorating AI system, is about to reach its climax, leaving everyone to face the consequences of their actions.

Book NameThe Eye of The Bedlam Bride
AuthorMatt Dinniman
File TypePDF/ePUB, Audiobook, eBook

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