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In the gripping novel by the #1 New York Times bestselling author, an international research station, The Titan Project, stationed in the Coral Sea becomes the epicenter of chaos as a geological catastrophe triggers unprecedented earthquakes, devastating tsunamis, and violent volcanic eruptions. Amidst this global turmoil, the renowned Sigma Force takes charge, embarking on a mission to unveil a concealed enigma at the Earth’s core. The station’s discovery of a remarkable bioluminescent coral zone with extraordinary potential turns sinister when a military submarine vanishes, sparking a savage assault that sets off a chain reaction of natural disasters. As the world reels from apocalyptic events and an ancient submerged menace awakens, Sigma Force races to thwart impending cataclysm. Yet, their quest is hindered by an old foe’s return, and Commander Gray Pierce must delve into the depths of Aboriginal mythology to unearth a pivotal solution. As Sigma Force confronts the unimaginable, the novel explores a terrifying revelation that could shatter the very essence of humanity.

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