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Embark on an enchanting journey into the captivating universe of giants through this exceptional supplement tailored for the world’s most renowned roleplaying game. ‘Bigby the Great’ serves as an insightful guide, chronicling his expeditions into the rich history, mythical origins, and intricate societal tapestry of giants in Dungeons & Dragons. Within these pages, readers will be introduced to the collaborative efforts of Bigby and demigod Diancastra, offspring of the giants’ revered patriarch Annam, as they unveil the well-guarded enigmas surrounding Annam’s formidable progeny. Whether you’re a player seeking a myriad of giant-inspired character options, including a barbarian subclass, backgrounds infused with runic magic, and feats that channel the primal potency of these colossal beings, or a Dungeon Master seeking inspiration to infuse giants with vitality in your campaigns – this book abounds with treasures. Maps of colossal architecture, new monsters, coveted treasures, and captivating trinkets found within the clutches of giants await. Bigby and Diancastra invite you to master the essence of D&D’s iconic giants, divulging unrevealed lore encompassing their hierarchical structure, faith, organizations, and societal dynamics across the expansive multiverse. Immerse yourself in the allure of over 30 magical artifacts, including 3 illustrious artifacts, or harness the comprehensive toolkit designed for Dungeon Masters – brimming with lair layouts, enthralling adventure hooks, encounter tables, treasures, and immersive roleplaying insights. Notably, the book presents an extensive giant bestiary, devoting a substantial portion to vivid monster descriptions, lore, and stat blocks. Delve into a vibrant ecosystem teeming with novel giant varieties, over 70 fresh monsters, and other gargantuan entities. In essence, this book is your quintessential gateway to giants, unfurling a tapestry of magic, myth, and might.

Book NameBigby Presents: Glory of Giants
AuthorRPG Team Wizard
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, eBook

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