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In the concluding installment of the Aisling Sea series, the inexorable culmination of every voyage becomes evident — termination, whether by fate’s hand or another’s. Declan, intimately acquainted with the finality death brings, has witnessed both the demise of foes and comrades. Their slender chance at survival rests within the grasp of a man he desires to endure suffering, even if succumbing to the internal shadows is the cost. The quest to secure a dagger, paramount to their survival, jeopardizes all he holds dear, particularly her. Despite doubting his worthiness and fearing forfeiture, he’s resolute in retaining her presence, unyielding and prepared to battle against all odds. This ultimate volume delves deeper into the Aisling Sea universe, amplifying its somber tones and raw essence, while encompassing themes of anxiety, torment, conflict, familial intricacies, and passionate moments that transpire on the pages.

Book NameWith These Last Breaths
AuthorVanessa Rasanen
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, eBook

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