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“Caught Up” by Liz Tomforde is an upcoming romance novel that delves into the lives of two individuals from different worlds who find themselves caught in a whirlwind of emotions. Kai Rhodes, a dedicated single father and a star pitcher for Chicago’s MLB team, is struggling to balance his responsibilities. He’s reluctant to accept help, having gone through a series of nannies who couldn’t meet his standards. However, when his coach insists on hiring Miller Montgomery, his daughter, as the new nanny, everything changes. Miller, a highly accomplished pastry chef, is eager to prove herself after winning a prestigious award but is struggling with the pressure to create something new.

As she steps into the role of nanny for Kai’s son, she sets out to bring fun and excitement back into Kai’s life. What starts as a temporary arrangement soon turns into something deeper as they both find themselves drawn to each other.

With a limited time in Chicago and different life plans, they must navigate the challenges of their budding romance.

“Caught Up” promises a heartfelt and passionate story set against the backdrop of sports and culinary arts, with an expected publication date of October 10, 2023.

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