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“The Burnout ePUB” by Sophie Kinsella delves into the life of Sasha, a woman who has reached the breaking point in her corporate world, tired of meaningless emails, corporate programs, and the daily grind. Isolated from friends and disinterested in even the simplest pleasures, Sasha seeks refuge in a seaside resort from her childhood, only to find it in disrepair and shared with a grumpy stranger named Finn, who is also battling burnout.

As they navigate their own paths to recovery, strange messages on the beach bring them together, forcing them to confront their exhaustion and rediscover the passions they’ve lost touch with, including a shared love for surfing. Amid their bone-deep fatigue, an undeniable energy sparks between them, leaving them to question its significance.

This contemporary romance novel explores themes of burnout, self-discovery, and the unexpected connections that can bloom in the midst of exhaustion.

With a backdrop of the seaside and the promise of renewal, “The Burnout” promises a journey of healing and love.

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