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“Love Interest ePUB” by Clare Gilmore is a captivating adversaries-to-lovers romantic comedy set in the bustling world of a Manhattan magazine publisher. Casey, a numbers-focused finance expert, finds herself questioning her career choices when she’s passed over for a promotion in favor of the chairman’s son, the enigmatic and charismatic Alex Harrison. Forced to work together on a project, their initial friction gives way to a simmering attraction, but as they navigate corporate intrigue and hidden secrets, they realize that falling for each other could be as risky as it is rewarding. With dreams of travel and a desire to prove themselves, Casey and Alex discover that their workplace holds the key to unlocking a new chapter in their lives.

“Love Interest” eBook promises a sparkling journey through the world of love and ambition in the heart of Manhattan, a must-read for fans of contemporary romance and chick lit.

This 335-page paperback is set to be published on October 10, 2023, offering readers a delightful escape into the world of Casey and Alex’s budding romance.

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