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“The Mis-Arrangement of Sana Saeed ePUB” by Noreen Mughees is a captivating contemporary romance novel that weaves together the complexities of love, family, and tradition. Sana Saeed, a hijabi at thirty-three, has given up on her childhood dream of love and agreed to numerous failed arranged dates, all while caring for her autistic younger brother, Zia. However, her traditional mother insists that Sana must marry to become Zia’s guardian. When Sana’s childhood friend, Daniel Malik, reenters her life as her new boss, their past connection is rekindled. But their love faces insurmountable obstacles, from family expectations to workplace dynamics. As the clock ticks, Sana is forced to choose between the security of her family and the man who has always held her heart.

Noreen Mughees skillfully explores the clash between tradition and love in this sparkling debut novel, making it a must-read for fans of contemporary romance.

Anticipated for release on October 10, 2023, this 320-page paperback promises a heartwarming and thought-provoking journey.

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