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Renowned writer Lucy Parker, known for her hit “Battle Royal,” returns with another delightful romantic comedy. This fresh tale revolves around a fabricated romance between an ill-tempered royal bodyguard and a delightful, sunny assistant who gradually thaws his icy exterior.

Petunia De Vere finds fulfillment in her role as the personal aide to the endearing yet hapless Johnny Marchmont. This position, however, presents its own set of trials, notably the presence of Matthias, an imposing bodyguard assigned to the royal. While Pet and Matthias couldn’t be more different—she exudes spontaneity and enthusiasm, he embodies rigidity and solemnity—Pet intuits that beneath his tough exterior lies a gentler core.

For Matthias Vaughn, safeguarding others is his principal duty. Yet, shielding his royal charge from mishaps becomes unexpectedly arduous, as chaos follows Johnny wherever he ventures, frequently entangling his petite, effervescent assistant. Matthias harbors a strong aversion to the notion of Pet being harmed, propelling him to go to great lengths to ensure everyone’s safety, even if it entails friction with his charming but obstinate new colleague.

A moment of clumsiness leads to a dubious photograph in a gossip publication, triggering speculations about a romantic involvement between Pet and Johnny. To quell the rumors, the royal public relations team proposes that Pet and Matthias feign a romantic relationship, a proposal reluctantly accepted by the duo. Yet, as their interactions extend beyond the workplace, they begin to ponder the genuine sentiments that this pretense might unearth. Particularly when a passionate kiss sets their heads spinning and their hearts racing…

Book NameCodename Charming: A Novel
AuthorLucy Parker
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, eBook

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