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In “Cruel Seduction,” a contemporary retelling of the love and enmity between Aphrodite and Hephaestus, the story delves into a scorching affair filled with passion, intrigue, and dangerous consequences.

Aphrodite, unafraid to get her hands dirty, hatches a wicked plan when she is forced to marry the new Hephaestus, Olympus’s number one enemy. Determined to keep her deadly new husband off-balance, she sets her sights on Pandora, a woman as beautiful as she is kind, the person Hephaestus seems to care about most.

Hephaestus, however, is not one to be outmaneuvered easily. He retaliates by using Aphrodite’s ex-lover, the striking Adonis, as a pawn in his own seduction game.

Yet, the dangerous game of seduction blurs the lines between hatred and desire, and emotions quickly become entangled. Amidst unrest in Olympus, their love-hate exchanges may have dire consequences not just for themselves, but for their city and all those they hold dear.

Critically acclaimed, “Cruel Seduction pdf” has been described as “deliciously inventive” and “red-hot” by Publishers Weekly. The interactions between Aphrodite and Hephaestus have been said to send shivers down readers’ spines, as noted by Mimi Koehler for The Nerd Daily.

“Cruel Seduction” is part of the captivating series “The World of Dark Olympus,” which includes other modern retellings of Greek mythology, such as “Neon Gods” (Hades & Persephone), “Electric Idol” (Eros & Psyche), “Wicked Beauty” (Achilles & Patroclus & Helen), and “Radiant Sin” (Apollo & Cassandra).

384 pages, Paperback

Expected publication August 8, 2023

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