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“Fostered” is a compelling and inspiring book that chronicles the remarkable journey of Tori Hope Petersen. Growing up as a bi-racial child in the tumultuous foster care system, Tori faced daunting odds with a mentally ill mother and a life that led her through twelve different foster homes. Against all expectations, Tori defied negative stereotypes and surpassed dire predictions, overcoming her challenges not through her own strength but through her unwavering faith in Christ. With Jesus by her side, Tori discovered hope, faith, purpose, and a loving family, eventually becoming a foster mom, adoptive mom, biological mom, and even a Track and Field All-American in college. The book delves into Tori’s unique perspective on the foster care system, adoption, and her spiritual journey, offering readers a profound understanding of God’s transformative power and His love for the marginalized. “Fostered” is a testament to resilience, spiritual growth, and the extraordinary ways in which God works through the most unlikely individuals.

Book NameFostered
AuthorFostered by Tori Hope Petersen
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, eBook

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