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In the gripping novel, “Dance With The Devil,” Maria’s world unravels as she stumbles upon her family’s treacherous scheme to overthrow the mafia’s leadership and seize power. Faced with a harrowing choice between forced marriage to a capo or certain death, Maria, plagued by a lifetime of feeling unworthy, dares to resist her grim fate. Enter Draven Esposito, a feared figure rumored to be the embodiment of darkness. Drawn to Maria’s resilience, he defies his sinister reputation to save her, marrying her to ensure her survival. Yet, a labyrinth of enigma shrouds Draven, and Maria soon realizes that her marriage comes with unspoken secrets. As their complex relationship unfurls, Maria discovers an unexpected lack of fear in Draven’s presence, despite his ominous aura. But lurking beneath the surface is a condition—she must not bear his child. With a compelling blend of suspense and romance, the novel delves into Maria’s journey to unravel Draven’s clandestine truths, determined to earn his trust and forge a connection, all while navigating the perilous line between life and death. Will Maria’s quest for understanding lead to redemption, or will Draven’s secrets ultimately drive them apart? “Bound by Shadows of Deceit” is a tale of entwined destinies, trust, and the unearthing of hidden vulnerabilities in the midst of a world driven by power and danger.

Book NameDance With The Devil
AuthorSam Crescent
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, eBook

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