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In “Her Radiant Curse ePUB” by the New York Times bestselling author of SIX CRIMSON CRANES, two sisters find themselves in a dire predicament after a disastrous betrothal contest sets free an ancient evil capable of forever shattering their sisterly connection. With one sister cursed by a Demon Witch and transformed into a monstrous being, and the other poised to be married off in a contest of unsavory suitors, they must battle against their circumstances and each other’s enemies. As Channi, the cursed sister, fights to safeguard her beloved Vanna, she becomes entwined in a violent struggle, embarking on a treacherous journey across both land and sea. The tale weaves themes of romance amidst enmity, drawing inspiration from stories like The Selection, Ember in the Ashes, Beauty and the Beast, Helen of Troy, and Asian folklore.

Elizabeth Lim masterfully explores the intricate bonds of sisterhood against a backdrop of dark beauty, culminating in a thrilling and emotionally intense narrative.

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