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In a riveting fusion of “The Followers Bradeigh Godfrey ePUB” and the realm of social media, this psychological thriller delves into influencer culture, the intricacies of parasocial relationships, and the enigmatic confines of concealed truths. Molly Sullivan, a bold thirty-one-year-old single mother, has constructed a career around candid online narratives about parenting and dating. Yet, when she introduces a snapshot of her new fiancé, Scott, his unexpected negative response initiates a sequence of events that leads Molly to shroud him and his daughter from her digital limelight. Unfortunately, Molly’s actions have set off a chain reaction, triggering Liv Barrett, who’s convinced that Scott is the man accountable for her sister’s murder and the abduction of her infant niece nearly a decade ago. Ignored by the police, Liv embarks on a cross-country journey to Colorado, employing Molly’s online presence to engineer seemingly coincidental encounters in her quest for truth. Amidst this, Molly unearths unsettling discrepancies about her husband as they settle into their new life.

As both women unearth long-buried secrets, they remain oblivious to the ominous presence of another individual who spotted the photo of Scott—a presence far more perilous than their imagination can fathom, someone who surveils them from the shadows.

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